Homeless Bus Shelter

Volunteer Roles

We are looking for volunteers to help provide shelter for people living on the streets in and around Maidenehad, on a bus that has been converted for use as a shelter. The roles we are looking to fill are set out below. Full training will be provided, as needed. If you would like to volunteer for any of the roles, or to find out more information, please email us at bus_shelter@foodshare.today

Breakfast : 7am-9am

  • Serving an uncooked breakfast (cereals, toasts, tea, coffee etc) to our guests Cleaning up the bus for the following night

Dinner : 7-9pm

  • Cooking and serving a light dinner for our guests

Overnight : 9pm-7:30am

  • Helping settle our guests for the night, making/serving our guests with drinks, chatting with the guests, and helping the supervisor. We anticipate you will probably get to sleep for around half the night, and be awake for the other half. Helping wake up the guests in the morning, and handing over to the Breakfast volunteers

Drivers : 8:00am and 5pm

  • Mondays-Thursdays, Friday mornings and Sunday evenings
  • Driving the bus from the overnight parking space to the daytime parking area, 5-10 minutes drive away for the morning drivers, and the other way for the evening drivers. The Sunday evening drivers additionally take the bus to empty the tanks and refill with fresh water, 15-30 minutes drive away.
  • Requires an appropriate driving licence. We can help you get a licence and cover the cost, if appropriate. Driving the bus from

Supervisor : 8pm and 8am

  • Take overall responsibility for welcoming guests, checking they are safe and generally coordinating the activities for the session. Will need DBS checks.