Food Collections
Help us by encouraging others to donate food. Start a street or school collection. Or why not come up with something more imaginative of your own.

Supermarket Collections

Rotary Club of Thames Bridge joined us at a collection at Waitrose in September 2013

Join us at one of our Supermarket collections. It takes around two hours, and generally delivers a huge amount of food. Without sufficient volunteers, we are not able to handle supermarket collections. Contact us if you can help.

School Collections

1. Invite us to visit to talk to your students.

2. Organise for students to bring a single item of food: once a week; or once a month; or once a term.

3. Download any of the following:

4. Teenager students can also help by volunteering to help us

5. Help families in need by issuing them with vouchers to receive one-off or weekly Foodshare parcels.

6. Ask us to deliver to you breakfast bars and cereals for you to give to students who come to school without having eaten breakfast because their families can not afford it.

Street Collections

Organise a regular collection of food in your street.

1. Invite your neighbours to drop off food at your flat/house

2. Download any of the following:

3. Organise for someone to bring the donated food to any of our Drop-off Points at whatever time suits you best