Homeless Shelter
Homeless Shelter
For years, people living on the streets of Maidenhead have had access to almost no shelter. In 2017, we are delighted that the Council opened a shelter with room for up to three people from Maidenhead. Their internal rules mean that many people on the streets do not qualify for shelter.

Two additional facilities have been set up by the Brett Foundation to fill the gap.

Homeless Bus Shelter
A double decker bus has been converted for use as a homeless shelter. The top floor has been converted to bedding for up to 16 people. The bottom floor has been converted with a kitchen, eating areas, two toilets, a shower and a washing machine.

The Brett Foundation are looking for volunteers to help run the bus. Details of volunteer roles can be found here:
Volunteer Roles

Halfway House
One of the many sad aspects of homelessness is how difficult society makes it to re-integrate. Without a postal address, jobs are almost impossible to get. Landlords are unlikely to rent premises. It is not possible to get a job if it is not possible to get clean.

In 2016, the Brett Foundation opened Maidenhead's first "half way house". It provides accommodation for three to six months to people who are homeless and who want help getting back on their feet. Rent is set by reference to the ability of residents to pay. If they have housing allowance, that is the rent. If not, the rent is set by reference to any income they earn. Some residents live there rent-free where there is no financial support available. The house provides them with a fixed address, and somewhere to clean themselves and their clothes. During their stay, the Brett Foundation makes sure they eat properly, helps them with career advice and training, helps them get jobs and helps them look for accommodation for when they leave us.

One of the greatest challenges is the necessity that our guests leave after six months. Everyone hopes the charity never has to send people back to the streets, but we need to acknowledge the limitation in what we can achieve without external support or funding.

How to Volunteer
To help Look Ahead run the Council's homeless shelter, please email your interest to:
Claudette Squires, Lookahead

To help the Brett Foundation run the Homeless Bus Shelter:
w: Volunteer Roles
e: bus_shelter@foodshare.today

How to Donate to the Brett Foundation's Support Initiatives
Please consider donating to our designated bank account. Every penny donated to this account will be spent supporting people who would otherwise be living on the streets.

We particularly welcome monthly standing orders. If we have an amount of income we can rely on each month, it allows us to develop longer term services.

If you want to donate, click the link below: